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Smash Sports Marketing - Sports Marketing Consultancy


My name is Emma, I'm the founder of Smash Sports Marketing and your trusted source when it comes to digital and social marketing!

I've developed social media and marketing plans for dozens of successful businesses and coaches in the tennis industry. I've also a leading course in showing how to set up your social media easily; straightforward advice from someone who runs social media accounts.




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

Let’s grow your business online!

If you want me to develop a social media plan for your business, get in touch: hello@smashsportsmarketing.com

If you are on a budget but want my advice on how to plan your social media effectively and with ease, then maybe my course would be the answer! Click here to sign up!


Adam Jessett - APJ Tennis

Emma is fantastic in her approach to marketing, is quick, reliable and flexible in her work ethic, is always willing to help out and offer new ideas and solutions to existing projects and very creative in all areas.

Rob Gurden - Hot Shots Tennis

Emma created our website this past fall and we absolutely love it! She was very professional and timely in her responses to our many questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her if you're looking to create a website for your business or organization!

Andy Dowsett - SYSTEM-9

Emma is fantastic at seeing the bigger picture and telling me the steps I need to take to grow my business.