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Rune Kjelseth - Content creator


Growing up I was always the guy with a camera, but I never pursued it until after I fell into modelling while travelling through Asia. After I started modelling I met lots of different photographers, and got inspired to start shooting myself. While traveling the world and meeting lots of new people I also slowly grew my Instagram and over the years as it has become a great platform for marketing, I also transitioned into content creation.

Within fashion I try to focus on sustainable brands, and otherwise also sustainability in general. This is something that is close to heart and love to work with brands that are doing something for the environment and help to spread the word about them. I am married with now two kids, so it is natural that I include them in my content as well from time to time.





Aims & Goals

Goals would be to work with more brands with shared values, and grow my following and get to have a bigger voice and share more about topics that are close to heart.