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Mickey Bushell - Athlete


I was born with a rare condition called lumbar sacral congenital paraplegia which basically means I'm missing the last 7 vertebrae from my spine and I have small crossed legs that look a little like chicken wings.

My parents were told I'd never walk, sit, move or be able to do anything for myself.

yet by 1 I was doing handstands!

10 years old I did my first racing competition

At 16 I made my first senior world championships coming 10th

17 years old I had a kidney removed as it had died

At 18 I made my first Paralympic Games taking a silver medal, just a year later I managed to break the 100m world record.

At 22 I  went to my biggest games London 2012 securing the gold medal.

After the great success of a home games, I sadly had some bumps in the road one being in 2013 where I suffered a shoulder injury, I still made the world champ team for that year and getting a silver medal.

But the toughest time I've had to over come was in 2015 where I had a uti that turned to sepsis and I was very close to death, this took me out of the sport for over 9 months, again bounced back to make the Rio 2016 para games and came 6th in the final. Only a year later I found myself at another world championships back on home soil in London once again getting back on the podium securing a silver medal.





United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

my current aims are to get back to full fitness and compete on a world stage, there has been various hiccups over last few years that I have slowly worked though and now is the time to come back and try to win more medals

I’d also like to take back the 100m world record and to move up to the 400m and 800m races and compete at a high level.