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Manevska Erika - Tennis Player


In my free time I like to shoot commercials, the camera also adores me for taking pictures, I like to swim, ride, run, do yoga, create, draw, I am a very sociable person. I like to go shopping with a friends





Aims & Goals

  • I have been training tennis since I was 8 years old, and I have been competing for the last 4 years. In 4 years I won the European 12 -1 category, 3rd place double, national 2nd place single and doubles, category 12 in Slovenia 2 times 1 place, category 14 in Slovenia , In Serbia 2nd place category 14 ….
    Since the corona began I haven’t gone to a lot of international tournaments for that because we have a financial crisis, and I haven’t trained much. Now I am back in shape and I have a great desire to progress.
  • My goal is to break the record from Serena Williams. I love tennis and enjoy playing for hours and every day. I feel, I believe and I know I will be a successful tennis player.
    I also love to travel and this year I plan to travel to tournaments around the world, meet new people in the tennis world, train a lot and win.