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Ivan Vlasenko - Multisport athlete


As long as I remember myself I have always been into sport activities. I started doing combat sport at the age of 7 influenced by tough times in Russia willing to be able to defend myself when on the street. I was also keen on football and running. At the age of 10 I join the running team at new school and the next three years I represented that school in the city competitions as middle distance runner. When I was in high school I took up a new sport - cross country skiing. For the next 7 years already being a university student I develop my skills and endurance covering long distances in the snow and cold in winter time. Summer was busy cycling, trail running, some swimming, kayaking.

In 2010 I moved to Asia to get a new experience, try myself far from the family and home. Here I discovered a new challenging sport which is a new global trend now. I put a lot of efforts and energy to bring my fitness to higher level that helps me to become moreĀ  successful, participate and even win international events.

In 2016 after taking the coaching course I started my coach career. The combination of my experience as an athlete and theoretical knowledge helps me to be more efficient as a coach.





Aims & Goals

As an athlete – keep improving myself, extend the geographical boarders of events I participate in, winning new coming races.

As a coach – accumulate new approaches and studies to help my coached athletes to get better results. Inspiring young generation and bring sport to more families developing it into their lifestyle.




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