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Cristiano Ciesa - Tennis Coach


  1. I am not so Young, in age, but i still have the same desire to live my life fully acomplishing my Dreams, as a young boy.

I was born, i can sau, in a Tennis Club, by the fact my father founded Green Tennis Club in Padua exactly 10 days after my birth. At 3 years, i was already hitting the tennis ball over the wall of the club-house ... some one of you îs remembering the short wood rackets "Pievepelago" ?

I joined my family business at 13, helping my father (one of the first tennis coach in Italy) mantaining the courts and playing as sparring for the older customers ...

I play Tennis with good national results until 19 but then, i continue my studies and take another way even continuing to play and helping in managing our Club activities.






Aims & Goals

  1. Starting from the point that i have decide to get fully in this new Adventure , founding the Green Tennis Accademy, my wish and dream îs to arrive to be helpfull for the players that will join us, and let them realize their Dreams to become a Top or Good professional player, but making them conscious that they have to Enjoy each moment they spent in the Court, training or competing, be happy to partecipate to a “business” that at its base îs a sport-game and finally they need  to be greatfull to have the unique possibility to grow up in an ambient that can not only desvolt them as player, but even as person.