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Trent Dardick - Professional Football Player


St. Louis is the Capital of Soccer in the US, and the best St. Louis soccer players start in the historic parish system. I went to St. Margaret Of Scotland-- the most downtown of the schools since I grew up in Soulard 12 blocks from the Mississippi River. With athletic and academic prowess, I got into the most coveted High School, St. Louis University High School (SLUH). After making the soccer team and destroying the nation's best conference, the MCC (Metro Catholic Conference).

I turned pro out of high school. Playing 5 v 5 for the Ambush and their second team--the Adrenaline. While doing this, I earned two business degrees, one in Management, and the other in Economics from Mizzou's business school. Upon graduating, STLFC was formed as the top team in St. Louis. I played and coached while spending seasons in cities like Charleston, Reno, and Oklahoma City while the offseason with the Ambush. I helped bring the MLS to St. Louis as the only player representative for all three campaigns to get the franchise approved.

This meant meeting with civil leaders, broadcasting the vision, and being on the floor of City Hall for final approval. Construction--set for 2022--has been pushed back a year because of COVID. In the meantime, I jumped on an opportunity to play and coach for Rayo Vallecano, currently at number 4 in La Liga table behind Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Athletico Madrid.





Aims & Goals

  • Captain of the USMNT
  • Winner of the Copa Del Rey
  • Ambassador in retirement for club and country