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Tiphanie Fiquet - Tennis Player


All my achievements of my tennis career until now:

  • Selection in the French team under 14 for the European championship
  • Won 1 Tennis Europe under 16
  • Finalist of the French national championship in 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • Won 5 pro ITF titles 15000$ in doubles in 2019, 2020 and 2021 (Mexico, US, Tunisia)
  • 3 times finalists in pro ITF 15000$ singles in 2019, 2021 (Mexico and Tunisia)
  • Semi-finalist in pro ITF 25000$ doubles in 2022 in Mexico
  • Won the ITA fall regionals championship in 2021
  • Quarter finalist in the Fall ITA National championship in 2021
  • Ranked 20 in NCAA division 1 in Spring 2022
  • Won UTR Pro Atlanta $25K in November 2021

When I don't play tennis, I love to play videos games. I even travel with my Xbox when I travel more than two weeks especially since I graduated with two bachelors (BS in Criminal Justice and BA in Political Science). I always liked to study, that is why I applied for law school online in France like that I still can study and play tennis.

We have a lot of free time in tournaments so it is nice to have something else to keep us busy instead of watching Netflix everyday. I love to do others sports, especially swimming, boxing and scuba diving. I actually just passed my diver certification, and I love spending times in the ocean!





Aims & Goals

My long term goal is to enter the top 100 in tennis and be able to live from my passion.

The medium term goal is to finish the year in the top 400 in single and 300 in doubles.