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Tenerife Tennis Academy - Tennis Academy


Here at the Tenerife Tennis Academy we create the very best learning environment for our players to grow, surrounding the students with the best teachers, coaches, and other experts in their fields, teaching them not only tennis, but values, ethics, and respect, real life lessons that will be invaluable to their future. Now put all this on a paradise island with the best climate in the world and you have a recipe for greatness.

We are lucky to be surrounded every day with people who love what they do, a happy mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is productive. You are welcome at any time to come in and see us, we will be on the court, doing what we love most.





Aims & Goals


Mila Saric

TTA helped me to get great grades in my A Levels, which meant i could go to my college of choice, William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have been nominated CAA Player of the Week for singles and doubles on several occasions.

Javier Cueto Ramos

Thanks to Synergy Study Centre i was able to get the necessary grades in my online CIDEAD (spanish) studies to be able to join the Cougars Team at Columbus State University in 2019. During lock down my team came over to Tenerife and trained at TTA.

Damir Zababuryn

I am so grateful to TTA and the Synergy Study Centre for having given me the opportunity to combine my training with studying for my A-Levels. I managed to get the grades I needed to get into Catawba in Salisbury, North Carolina, and I havenĀ“t looked back since.