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Tanysha Dissanayake - Tennis Player


Date of birth: 07/08/01
Hand Used: Left handed
Height: 172
Racket: Wilson pro staff 97
Favourite Player: Sharapova has been my idol since day 1 because I have always admired her attitude and focus on the court. Although she is retired, I still love to watch her previous matches. Favorite tournament: Wimbledon
Favourite Tournament: Wimbledon
Best Surface: Hard Surface
Best Win: Girl who was 32 Itf junior
Goals for the coming year: Compete a lot and break inside top 400
Favourite Quote:

  • ' Everything happens for a reason'. This very cliché quote has gotten me through some tough moments, both on and off court and is a reminder that there is something good around the corner no matter what challenge you have faced.
  • ' have that edge'. This isn't a quote as such but it's a saying I've lived by for almost 4 years now. I have it written on the side of my rackets  and I look at it to gain that extra 'edge' or motivation when I'm on court




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

For as long as I can remember, my life goal has been to break top 20 in the WTA circuit and play all the main draw grand slams. I played junior Wimbledon doubles back in 2018 and that was a life changing experience that left me hungrier and more motivated ( which I didn’t think was possible) to get back on the tennis court and work even harder, just so I can play on the worlds biggest tennis stages again.

Sadly not long after my Wimbledon experience and after getting my WTA ranking,  I got injured. After countless hours of hard work and rehab I am back in good health and eager to get back on the tour to keep improving my ranking.

Education is also a massive part of my life, I want to study medicine at some point in my life however I have delayed that so I can give myself the best chance at tennis instead of trying to do them both at once. I want to save study hard so I can help people in the most remote areas of the world and if I can even save or change one life, then I’ll be content.

I have been playing mainly ITF pro circuit since the age of 14 as ITF juniors were more expensive as more tournaments were required to improve your ranking.

  • I was only 14 years old ( in one of my first pro tournaments) when I qualified to the main-draw in singles and got my first WTA doubles point.
  • I have played only a handful of ITF junior tournaments, but in the few I’ve played I have competed in junior Wimbledon doubles ( due to a WC I got because we got to the quarters of the J1 warm up event), won Itf doubles, finalist Itf singles, finalist Itf doubles, semi finalist Itf singles, quarterfinals Itf singles
  • I also got to the finals of the championship of Spain teams event ( Spanish nationals)  2 years in a row and won countless regional tournaments there.


Nick Jacques, Tennis Manager and Participation Coordinator. +64 9 4145530

My name is Nick Jacques and I am the Tennis Manager for Tennis Northern which is one of six regional bodies affiliated to the sports governing body Tennis New Zealand. Based from the Albany Tennis Park in Auckland, New Zealand. I am also a Coach educator and International speaker, previously presenting at the Grand Slam conference in Australia, USTA Campas in Florida and Warwick university in England. Tennis Northern (TNR) is made up of 47 affiliated clubs, 7,000+ members and is responsible for managing competition on Auckland’s North Shore. The region is also responsible for organizing winter indoor leagues, junior and senior tournaments, beginner’s programs, an elite junior academy and ultimately have the goal of getting ‘more people playing more tennis more often’. I had the pleasure of coaching Tanysha in the early development of her tennis journey between 9-13 years old. I still continue to follow and support Tanysha as I have always regarded her as an exceptional human being and a gritty and talented tennis player. Tanysha is resilient, hardworking and humble and in my 26 years of experience as a tennis coach I believe these are very important behaviors that breed success. I have produced multiple national champions, top 100 ITF juniors and players who have progressed to the world tour. Tanysha in my opinion is a capable of great things but with hard work every player needs the opportunity so I hope this sponsorship can give her the opportunity she deserves. If you require any further information please contact me on the details below.

Sally Taylor-Reeves, highest WTA rank of 199

I met Tanysha at the age of eight whilst she was representing Surrey in county cup and I could see her determination and professionalism could take her all the way to a professional career. Over the years I have watched her sacrifice everything and has fully committed herself in her ambition to try and achieve her goals. I believe with the right help and support from a sponsor could see her reach her full potential in professional tennis. I recommended anyone or company to sponsor her and to enjoy the rewards that she will give you in return. Please do not hesitate to contact me.