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Tamash Raaj - Cricketer


Juggling school, cricket, karate and my music hasn't been easy but it has made me a very disciplined and hard working kid and I believe that that is a vital part in being successful in whatever field you choose. Having learnt all these attributes from such a young age, it has created such an amazing foundation for what I hope to be a bright future.

I have played for the Surrey team from the age of 7. I have also played 2-3 years above my age group for my club and as of this year, I have started playing adult cricket for a higher division for my club. Despite everyone in the adult team being so much older than me and towering over me, I thrive in challenging situations and haven't been fazed by that. I open batting for the adult team and i have consistently been scoring big.

  • Cricket doesn't have a ranking system as such but i am the main wicket keeper and batsman in my age group for Surrey.
  • I averaged 95.6% in batting this season in the surrey league and got 800+ runs this season which is an outstanding amount.
  • I won the karate British nationals, got gold in the European championships( twice) and got gold in the karate world championships.
  • I was asked to train with the Karate Olympic squad for 2028 however i won't be as i will be focusing on Cricket more.
  • I am currently on a full scholarship in one of the top schools in the UK. I am the school prefect and school leader for drama and English.



New Malden


United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

I’m a very ambitious, competitive and energetic kid who has always aimed to be the best in whatever I have done. I have achieved things that I will always be proud of at such a tender age but that is just the beginning. Aside of being a good cricketer who can reach the top ( I’m not arrogant but my mum always taught me to be confident and believe in myself) I won the karate British nationals, European championships twice and world championships. I’m a grade 6 oboe player and equivalent of grade 6 saxophone player ( don’t do official gradings as I don’t have any spare time in my schedule). Despite all of these achievements, i would put everything aside if it meant I could become a professional cricketer. This year I had to make the decision to stop competing in karate competitions as I have reached the age where I need to put more of my focus Into one sport and school. A decision I made with ease as my main passion has always been cricket.


Gwyn Page – Head of Third years.

Tamash is a wonderful young man who leads by example at St Paul’s Juniors. He is a capable academic and someone who is keen and eager to succeed in all aspects of school life. Likewise, Tamash adopts an active approach to extracurricular life, throwing himself into most activities the school offers. He is a kind and respectful young man, who demonstrates high standards in whatever he choses to do. He is well liked and respected by his peers.

Simon Cattermole – Head of cricket at St. Paul’s junior school

Tamash was Captain of the unbeaten U12A cricket side at SPJ last season. In this role he set the highest standards as a leader, always setting examples in terms of kit, playing endeavour, sportsmanship and tactic acumen whether during school matches or in practice. Indeed this has always been the case in whatever sporting endeavour he has been involved in since he joined the school. Had we not separated the U12 and U13 cricketers due to Covid protocols and bubbles he would have undoubtedly have played in the U13A team he is a tremendous and powerful batsman who looks to score at every opportunity and punishes poor bowling. He is also an accomplished wicket keeper who marshals his troops effectively from behind the stumps. He also plays a great standard of club cricket and appears regularly at County level too for Surrey.

Dr Mushtaq Shah

I have known Tamash since 2015 both as his cricket club age group manager and latterly as a family friend. I believe he is one of the best, if not the best batsman in his age group in the county. He has excellent had/eye coordination, superb balance and great judgement. In addition, he is an excellent fielder/wicket keeper. He works very hard on his game, and I expect him to continue to improve and become a professional cricketer if he chooses that career path. Tamash has been a pleasure to manage. He is a very bright young man with impeccable manners. He has always shown a great deal of respect to both team mates and managers/coaches alike. Tamash has a good sense of humour and is a real team player. I cannot recommend him highly enough to you.