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SotoTennis Academy - International Tennis Academy


Established in 2010 by Dan and Vicki Kiernan, STA aims to provide an environment that inspires and enables our athletes to maximise their potential.

STA offers Full Time Training Programmes to performance players, with availability for competition-level players and groups to access the Academy’s year-round outdoor training on European Red clay courts and American-style hard courts.

As a highly personalised and boutique-style tennis academy, our team of expert coaches deliver individualised programmes to players in a robust team environment. We are responsible for ensuring that our players see measurable outcomes in their performance through our structured and systematic approach, and give our players the opportunities, tools and resources to make these improvements.

We are also proud to offer players a unique balance of tennis and education through our joint programmes with our Academy partners. Many players have graduated from the Academy having gained scholarships with American Universities, allowing their studies and tennis journey to continue.

STA works closely with our partners to offer the best experiences for our players:

Sotogrande International School – Elite Sports: Tennis & Education Programme

Mentally Tough Tennis – Sports Psychology

Tennis Smart – American University Scholarship Support

Jorge Espada – Sports Physiotherapy





Aims & Goals

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible environment and opportunities for our players to thrive both on and off the court. STA strongly believes in developing tennis players as well as personalities, and shows this through implementing our core Academy values day in, day out.

‘Controlling the Controllables’ is where we focus our energy to help our players create more of a long-term perspective on their tennis. Each player that walks through our doors, and plays with an STA badge, will hopefully be recognised as a hardworking, well-mannered individual who has done everything they can to achieve their goals.


Full Time Player Parent

Sending a 15 year old Danish boy to live in Spain, play tennis at your Academy, take the M4 grade at the Sotogrande International School (SIS) and live in the SIS Boarding House was a big decision, but the BEST decision. From a parental perspective, we have seen our son grow and develop on all levels of tennis, school and personality, and for this we thank you. We initially chose STA because of your values and reputation as a top quality tennis academy, but after having seen our son\'s development, and following his life at the Academy, we are amazed by the level of commitment you have to your values, and by your ability to transfer your values to your players, and make them live them as well. You create this AMAZING atmosphere and spirit, and your players make it come to life. Thank you everyone.

Access Player Parent

We recently enrolled our 14-year-old son on an Access Programme at SotoTennis Academy. He\'s now been at STA for 4 weeks and he doesn\'t want to come home! Right from the off, the response from Dan and his colleagues has been totally professional - from understanding the format of the daily tennis programme, to help with accommodation and travel, to enrolling him in the Spanish tennis structure so that he can play in local competitions, to taking our son to the podiatrist - nothing has been too much trouble and the support and communication from the Communications Team has been outstanding. We receive weekly updates via Whatsapp from Dan. They always start with how he\'s feeling and how he\'s settling in, then we get the tennis news afterwards. We can also contact his allocated tennis coach and his strength and conditioning coach at any time for additional updates. This was our son\'s first extended period away from home so his wellbeing and emotional health are priorities for us, and STA has helped us feel reassured that these are their priorities too and as a result, he tells us he\'s playing fantastic tennis and really enjoying himself. I have no hesitation in recommending SotoTennis Academy as they have over-delivered on every level.

Access Player turned Full Time Player Parent

We came to SotoTennis Academy for 2 weeks and stayed for more than 2 months. Having a junior tennis athlete at the tender age of 14 was not an easy task when Ireland introduced a strict lockdown in January with all sports including tennis not allowed until April. Over the past 5 years we have travelled across Europe to many tennis academies including two other Spanish ones - my daughter has never been happier and never more engaged with the sport. What makes SotoTennis Academy a great place to be is their athlete-centric approach. It\'s their ability to focus on the athlete and tailor the right programme based on their actual needs and wants. Their flexibility and personalisation is amazing. No request is too complicated and everything is possible to give each individual the best training possible. It feels like everyone, no matter the level, gender, and nationality has an ecosystem around them. They have a lot of players of many levels and multiple schedules to figure out daily, yet it all works out and every player gets looked after. The parents get looked after too! The team takes time to answer questions, work with the parents, explain and understand the players better. They will answer your texts and emails after hours. Everyone works hard and they work hard for your kid. Will we return to Soto? Well the first task is to try and leave as my daughter keeps postponing our trip back to Dublin… Thank you SotoTennis, for everything you do every day. It is absolutely priceless.

Parent of Full Time Player of 6 years

SotoTennis academy has been a huge part of our lives since 2016. My son became a permanent member of the SotoTennis team at the age of 12, having spent the two previous years as a summer Access Player. Dan Kiernan, Academy Director, and the other coaches have been an inspiration to my son. Not only is Dan completely knowledgeable, he hires the best team of coaches and fitness staff to assist him. The team have the wonderful ability to connect with players as well as parents. When coaches are able to build trust with each player, I think it creates a great opportunity for both player/coach to work well together, producing a healthy and positive environment. There is an amazing level of understanding between coaches and players, treating them as individuals and pushing players to the best of their abilities at all levels creating amazing athletes. SotoTennis Academy has players from all over the globe, with a variety of programmes catering for players at all levels and abilities. With the high expectations of work ethic and performance at the academy, the improvements in my son\'s tennis game are clearly visible. The players learn how to believe in themselves, their game, and to never give up, gaining confidence in competing, learning how to win, but most importantly continuing to enjoy the sport. Having been part of the SotoTennis Academy for over 5 years, I would highly recommend them.

Full Time Player

I came to SotoTennis Academy in August 2020 for an Access Week which very quickly turned into 3 weeks... One week later I became a Full Time Player and I have literally not been home since! STA was the perfect place for me from Day One. I was encouraged to firstly enjoy my tennis and work hard my absolute hardest. The environment and weather is fantastic for training, and there is a great mix of Full Time Players. We have all become one tight unit, pushing each other harder to ultimately help everyone improve, and when some of the Pros come in and are happy to train with us, it keeps it fresh and motivating for us all. Myself, alongside my coaches Nigel and Dan, decided at the very beginning of my time here to make a massive technical change to my forehand. This was a large risk, and I could not be more grateful to my coach Nigel for all the time he has put in with me - now it\'s developed into one of my best shots. STA has become my new home and family, and this is very much the whole ethos of the Academy: family. My current goal is to get a good scholarship to play for a Division 1 US College Tennis Team, which the whole STA team are working very hard on together.

Tennis Director in Ireland

Our relationship with SotoTennis Academy has opened the door for new and exciting opportunities for both our players and coaches. Any of our players or coaches that have travelled to STA have been struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere the Academy provides. We value the relationships that we build as a club, and we know that anyone from Sutton that travels to STA will be given a wonderful tennis experience by Dan and all his team.