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Sophie Brundin - Soccer Player


I was sitting outside the locker room crying over the phone to my dad who was 8000km away. Life was great, everything from the weather to my friends, but I was still heartbroken. I had sprained my ankle again. Something that seems so small had taken me out from soccer for the hundredth time and I thought that my body would never give me the opportunity to become the best. Life was pointless when I saw my dream fading away.

A few years later I signed my first professional contract and had started an ankle brace company. This journey started at the age of five in Sundsvall, Sweden. Played almost every sport but I couldn’t decide if I should continue playing soccer or floorball (second biggest sport in Sweden). They were equally fun, and I got to be a part of the national team, so it was just impossible to decide. Then the perfect opportunity appeared. I could go to the US and continue playing soccer while studying engineering. I took the offer and packed my bags for what turned out to be one of the best life decisions I ever made.

I am forever grateful for my college team, classmates, and the memories we made in the US. The feeling to win the conference tournament as a team was unbeatable. Four years after graduating with a Biomechanical Engineering degree and a newly created company, it was time for me to start the next chapter. This time in Italy, Serie A, I signed my first professional contract with Sassuolo.

We finished 3rd in Serie A, after Juventus and Milan, I learned half a language, and got lifelong friends. I felt ready to move. My dream place was waiting. Sundsvall, Sweden. The home of my current club, family, and friends. No one is happier than I am about this.

On a daily basis I currently play soccer with Sundsvall’s DFF & individually with my helpful and supportive family. During my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, skiing, biking, and play padel to name a few. Other than that, I study for a second degree, business administration, while developing an ankle brace so no one else has to sit crying outside the locker room for the same reason I did.

Glad that you are here to follow the rest of my soccer journey. Excited about the future.





Aims & Goals

Sure, soccer is fun. It’s a lot of stuff in life that’s fun actually – so that’s not why I play. I spend all these hours of practice to one day put on that Swedish jersey again and sing the national anthem.