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Shiva Jayagopi - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 05/07/1991
Hand Used: Right Handed
Height: 183 cm
Racket: Dunlop SX 300
Clothing: Training Addict
Shoes: Asics(not sponsored)
Any Sponsors: Dunlop
Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, David Nalbandian, Marat Safin, Roger Federer, Patrick Rafter
Career Aspirations: To acheive a top 100 ATP ranking or more
Favourite Tournament: Wimbledon
Best Surface: Hard
Best Win:
Goals for the coming year: Acheive my ATP points in the coming 1 year
Favourite Quote: "I let the racket do the talking "- Pete Sampras, "If it's impossible, it's a good goal to have"- Ido Portal



Ile de France


Aims & Goals

I am looking to achieve the highest possible ATP ranking

Playing experience:

21 years of playing experience.

The last 5 years have been great. I was able to travel to the US first, to be trained by some really good coaches and had good performances with the USTA tournaments. After that I settled in France from where I started competing in ITF Futures circuits. My journey to become better has seen me change the way I approach my fitness for tennis by adding movement training, trained by Mr. Slim Ewiss. This approach has redefined my performances on the court without facing setbacks. All these have equipped me with the confidence to make a good path for the coming years to achieve the goal that I have set for myself.


Stefano Vukov, professional coach of WTA ranked 17 Elena Rybakina

My name is Stefano Vukov born in RIJEKA (HRV), currently the coach of Elena Rybakina who is ranked 17 in the WTA. I have coached Mr. Shiva Swaroop JAYAGOPI during his stay and training in the United States of America, where he has played national level tournaments during that time and performed really well. I am here to give a testimony to his pursuit as a professional tennis player as I have seen him to be a hard working and passionate tennis player who is really committed to improving and progressing his game and level. During his training in the US he suffered an ACL injury on his left knee for which he had to go back to India to get a surgery but he came back 3 months after the surgery and resumed training harder. This impressed me quite a bit and that showed me his dedication and professionalism to commit to this game. I believe he will prove and show a lot more about his potential.

Alicia Black former wolrd no. 3 juniors and WTA 404

My name is Alicia Black born in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. I know Shiva Swaroop Jayagopi from the time he came to Florida at the same place where I was training. We have trained together many times and I have to say that his love and dedication for the game is one to admire. His approach to the game is one that is quite unique and quite frankly remarkable. I love that he tries to apply and adapt old school approaches and tactics to modern day tennis and this for me makes him stand out. I\'ve never been able to make a difference between him training or playing a tournament because every time he steps on the court it\'s one and the same for him. He goes all in to bring out the best in him. There was this one time where he tore his ACL and he had to go to India for surgery. What amazed me was that he came back in 3 months and got back performing well in the USTA tournaments and I am really happy that he has been doing well ever since he moved to France and started the ITF futures circuit. I believe in his vision of his pursuit of professional tennis and achieving the best ATP ranking because I have seen him beat the odds and pursue it with utmost passion. A quality I applaud and don\'t see much of. We have been close friends since his time in Florida and off court I\'d say he is one of the nicest people I have met.

Mathieu Goven professional tennis coach :- ATP and WTA and also former player

My name is Mathieu Goven, I am a professionnal tennis coach and former tennis player from France who works with wta and ATP tennis players. I\'ve been following Shiva at the academy where we practice since 2 years now. Shiva is very serious and hard worker ,every time he steps on the court he knows why he is here. He has improved a lot since I know him especially in the agressive serve and volley game that we try to include in his game with his powerful serve. He has improved a lot in his baseline consistency which allows him to be a more complete player now. He is very passionate and very motivated and has a lot more to prove and bring to the table.