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Robert Simon - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 12/11/2002
Hand Used: right
Height: 6ft
Racket: yonex ezone 98
Clothing: common athletic wear
Shoes: nike air zoom
Any Sponsors: none
Favourite Player: Tsonga
Career Aspirations: is to be ranked highly in the nation
Favourite Tournament: Australian open
Best Surface: hard
Best Win:  I won an advanced tournament just a few months ago over a 9.4 ranked player
Goals for the coming year: raise UTR to 10 and above
Favourite Quote: “Success belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than everyone else.




United States

Aims & Goals

My goals for the near future is to raise my UTR to 10 and above and to begin playing higher level tournaments.

My tennis experience is fairly limited. When i was a bit younger my family didn’t have the funds in order for me to play and travel to get match experience but recently I have been able to do so. I believe that my ranking will take a big leap in the near future as i get match experience.



Tony Hornsby from steamboat tennis club

In an addition to being a talented tennis player, Robert is apparently a good student as well. He graduated on the 18th of June, 2021 from Olympia High School, and later this summer he'll be earning his associate's degree from South Puget Sound Community College. He conveyed to me that he's in the Running Start Program. Robert is 6'1" and a 185-pounds. He posses lightning quick hands and feet, and serves and hits just as hard as any professional on the men's pro tour. Under the right conditions and instructions, there\'s no doubt he could play collegiately and later on professionally.