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Raphael Maurer - Barcelona Tennis Academy


The Barcelona Tennis Academy started in Sitges, Spain in 2010 and then moved to Castelldefels, closer to Barcelona, in 2016.

Under the direction of Raphael Maurer, from Switzerland, it aims to provide the opportunity to both aspiring and professional tennis players to enjoy world-class training programmes in a beautiful Spanish setting. The academy offers training programmes for all ages and levels. It offers a home-like setting, a family-like environment, where the players can feel emotionally secure and well taken care of. The academy offers PERSONAL training programmes, ran by PROFESSIONAL and PASSIONATE tennis coaches, physical trainers and sports psychologists. The Barcelona Tennis Academy offers a platform, which will enable any tennis players to reach their full potential.

Players from the academy have reached the top 100 on the ITF Junior rankings, played both ATP and WTA events, as well as received scholarships in US Colleges. In 2018, it was ranked as one of the top 10 tennis academies in the world by functional tennis.





Aims & Goals

The Barcelona Tennis Academy main objective is to provide a training platform for all players, in which they can reach their full potential. On a more competitive level, the academy’s main objective is to help one of its players to reach the top 100 on the WTA or ATP rankings.