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Oluwole Emmanuel Akinbo - Skeleton


My name(s) are Oluwole Emmanuel Akinbo. I am called wolesleigh. I was born 23 of February 1982.

I am a sprinter and also a Skeleton racer for team Nigeria.

The First Male Skeleton Athlete to compete under the Nigerian flag and Only the Third Male Skeleton Athlete from all of Africa to compete on Ice.

As a sprinter and a Skeleton racer, Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

I participated in various domestic competitions in track and field within the country and I represent Nigerian in the Bobsleigh and Skeleton competition in South Korea in the Korean Cup.

Sports are my passion and I really the connecting others who share my love for the Game. The Sensation I experienced at about the moment of sliding down the ice at about 100-110km/hr gives me the spirit and courageous that I can do better on Ice.





Aims & Goals

My Aims to connect my Talent to wins Games but Team works and intelligence wins Championship.

My Goals is to perform beyond expectations for the upcoming tournaments in Europe, and North America.

Also to set my Goals High, don’t stop until I become an Olympian and beyond