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Nour El Ouazzani - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 7th June 2006
Hand Used: Right
Height: 177cm
Racket: Head Gravity MP
Clothing: Adidas and Nike
Shoes: Adidas, I like the comfort and flexibility of the SoulMatch bounce
Any Sponsors: No
Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic, I really admire his mental when he is on court
Career Aspirations: To become #1 internationally
Favourite Tournament: Roland Garros
Best Surface:  Clay and Hard court, but I believe with my playing style (attack) hard court seems more convenient
Best Win: Win over a senior high ranked girl 29
Goals for the coming year: To become #10 nationally and play ITF tournaments as possible
Favourite Quote: "If they think your dreams are crazy, show them what crazy dreams can do" S.Williams

  • Currently in high school 
  • Language: French,English,Arabic 
  • Moroccan ranking: 48nationally 
  • Afrique ITF ranking : 197
  • best ranking in my category (2006): #5 



Mohammedia grand casablanca


Aims & Goals

I have only one goal , to become a top pro tennis player #1 in the world. I know that it’s not easy and I need to work hard , but I believe that my determination and talent can help me to reach my goal. 


  • G2 Semi-final, singles, beating a top ranking player , her ranking : 27. In 2021 .
  • winner, singles , junior tournament,2020.
  • G3 Finalist,singles,2020.
  • 2nd round ,singles (first ITF in Cairo)2019
  • 3rd round , doubles, ITF in Cairo.
  • G2 3rd round,singles,2021
  • Finalist, singles, junior tournament 2020
  • Finalist, singles, in RTCMO , 2020
  • G3 Finalist, singles , El Hoceima,2019
  • G2 3rd round,singles,2021


Ahmed El Fares-Canadian coach

Nour has a good tennis style, her body helps her a lot to dominate in the court and attack whenever she wants.Her service is one of the most powerful one in the circuit here, it helps her a lot to win matches.

Sabri-Sport director at RTCMO club

She surely has to be one of the #10 nationally, she got everything to be one of them and more

El Allami Mokhtar- coach of the #1 nationally

She has an incredible Forehand, sometimes you can\'t even see where the ball is going because of the power and intensity.