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Nattagate Nimitpongkul - professional Golfer


The secret that has kept me on top of my career is that endurance training is a must-have for athletes. In addition to professional golf, she enjoys dancing and singing in her free time as a way to relax and concentrate.





Aims & Goals

The goal for me is to be famous for myself and my family.To play golf to be happy every single day and to be able to pass on knowledge to the next generation to be more interested in golf.


Wine stands among the most potential golfers in Singha Pattana Camp. Despite her lack of distance (which is currently her work in progress), she makes up for it by being one of the most accurate players on Thai LPGA tour. She has the right mindset for growth. She’s very charismatic and a good role model. She’s one of my most favorite golfers that I’ve trained. Looking forward to her long and bright career ahead of her.

In my view, you are a smart golfer and a person who is constantly improving.

There are more and more developments every year because each off season, each year we want to develop more. In your case, it\'s very obvious. This year, the more we see a lot of changes both mobility, strength&power . As for discipline, I can say that I trust that you will follow the program and will maintain already fine.

Wine is a good person and has responsibility for her duties. Being cheerful and having fun

She is a person who is smiling, good-natured, responsible for her duties, diligent, patient, like to learn new things.

She is a hilarious person, has a good heart towards the people around her,is a positive thinker, brave, dares to live life.