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Mugisha Emmy - Lawn Tennis player


Mugisha emmy rised up his talent when he was 10 years old winning his first national title and being a representative for his country in Burundi in 2013  and he continued to play tennis professionally as in 2015 he won for a trophy in the tournament of the ceremony of naming new born baby gorillas called Kwita izina ingagi 2015 and the successful moment continued in 2016 where he was the first runner up in Rwanda open juniors lost to a Congolese as he played also his first itf junior tournament in Kigali in 2017 and lost from the first round in singles and doubles in 2018 played his second itf junior tournament and also in 2019 the same and also in 2021 he played ecology challenge and he was the first runner up lost to makzoume where he defeated South African player ominde in first round and second round defeated Rabas

Hobbies and Interests:


  • Tennis is only one of many physical pursuits I enjoy.
  • Football and basketball are also my best favorite games. Even riding and playing video games are high on my list.
  • But what matters mostly in my life and spends more of my time is Praying. And I also love playing musical instruments like piano and guitar, I love making many rallies with my team mates in the academy and making them to enjoy the game as fun continues to rise among them.       





Aims & Goals

My aim as a future promising professional tennis player is to show up my talent of playing tennis world wide by playing more international matches and gain more points as I inspire the young rising tennis player in my country Rwanda to work hard and override my achievements

and my main goal in tennis is to be in top 500 in atp rankings which will be for the first time in Rwanda and I strongly believe that I will achieve my goal soon by playing many international tournaments as my experience Arises and making higher ranking Thus gaining more atp points





Mr Mohamed elkashef

Head coach of extreme tennis academy Humble coach who helped me to give me a scholarship to train in his academy for six months