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Melissa Boyden - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 24/06/03
Hand Used: Right
Height: 1.73m
Racket: Wilson blade
Clothing: Bidi badu
Shoes: K-Swiss
Any Sponsors: Bidi badu, K-Swiss, Wilson
Favourite Player: Serena Williams
Career Aspirations: World Number 1
Favourite Tournament: US Open
Best Surface: Clay
Best Win: Beating ITF junior top 20 Czech Republic player and coming through qualifications and winning my very first ITF junior tournament.

Goals for the coming year: Play ITF junior grand slams and achieve WTA ranking

Favourite Quote: A come back is always stronger than a set back




North Holland


Aims & Goals

  • This year I wish to achieve a WTA ranking.
  • Next year I am aiming to be in the top 500.
  • In the next 5 years I’d like play in the grand slams and hopefully be in the top 50 in the world.
  • Play in the Olympics.
  • Play in the Billie Jean King Cup (formally FED Cup).https://youtu.be/n_sxAU1hTkA


From the proud parents Kevin & Sally

Melissa is a very happy going, highly motivated individual, determined to reach the top. She is an all round athlete, but her passion is tennis. She has been performing and winning at all sports for many years. In 2019 she was diagnosed with epilepsy originating from a brain tumor. She was successfully operated on in October 2019 and within 3 weeks was back on the tennis court. 3 months later she was playing her first tournament were she reached the final in singles and won the doubles. With this dedication and determination Melissa is already back to playing top level international tennis. Looking forward to the future.

Martijn Molenkamp - Tennis Coach at Intime Tennis Academy

Melissa Boyden will be an added value to world tennis in the future. With her character and perseverance she wants to make her breakthrough in professional tennis soon. Her independency, problem-solving ability (on and off the court) are unique. Melissa is really able to adjust to any situation she faces and that is a quality that is necessary to enforce a position in top sport. Her critical view of herself helps her to push herself to the limit, but can also cause resistance. Being critical yourself is good, but stay realistic. If the coaches talk to each other and they have to choose one player who will give them the winning point or match, then Melissa is at the top of the list. This winners mentality and ability to turn around a match is something she has and will never lose.