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Marc Pepin - Tennis Player


As far as my tennis career goes I've reached the World #1 ITF  ranking in both doubles and mixed doubles. I've won 3 World titles, 6 Canadian Indoor Championships, and 47 ITF titles. I currently reside in Toronto,  Canada.

I started playing tennis in North Bay,Ontario, then continued in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and then Fredericton, NB. I was a school teacher for 29 years and then retired at age 50 to play tennis on the tour full time.

My hobbies include playing in a band in Toronto and the odd game of golf. Love exploring different cultural aspects of places that I visit.





Aims & Goals

  1. My aim is to promote tennis, help people out as much as I can whether its tennis advice or coaching tips. My own personal goal is to maintain a Top 10 ITF ranking in any category, try to reach finals in tournies, and to continue enjoying the sport which has so many health benefits.