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Madhwin Kanath - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 10-11-2001
Hand Used: Right handed
Height: 6 ft
Racket: Head gravity pro
Clothing: HEAD
Shoes: Asics  uk 10.5
Any Sponsors: HEAD, SOLINCO

UTR —.  Best utr (13) current utr(11.5)
Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic
Career Aspirations: World no 1
Favourite Tournament: Australian Open
Best Surface: Hard courts, Grass courts
Best Win: Defeated Atp 700 SiDharth vishwakarma in itf 15k indoor.
Goals for the coming year: Reaching closest to 1000 or under
Favourite Quote: No sweat, No victory. Champions never take a day off.





Aims & Goals

I am training to become a world class tennis player playing and performing at slams and fighting for the no-1 world ranking.

Playing experience:

I’ve been playing tennis for 12 years now and have always been a top achiever in my category I absolutely love the sport because it involves a lot of hard work, dedication and a lot of up and down of emotions. It is one of the toughest sport, which makes me want to become even better. There a lots of sacrifices in order to achieve big in tennis and I’m willing to do it.


  • Ranking- Been india no-1 under16
  • India no -2 under18
  • And currently 40 in mens in my country
  • Atp rank – 1700