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Maceo Simpson - Tennis


I started tennis at 3 years old in my local park in Battersea. As I grew older my love for the sport also grew. At age 12 I moved to Spain to really try to develop my game and grow as a player but now I’m back in the UK and still working hard. Although tennis takes up a huge part of my time it’s important to keep your brain active in other ways and I massively enjoy reading and attempting to play chess when I have the time. I also enjoy watching other sports such as F1, Football and bodybuilding to better understand the work ethic of other inspiring athletes too.




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My aim by the end of this year is to be top 1200 ATP singles and top 1000 doubles. I have a lot more things I can develop in my game and I think setting ambitious goals for myself will give me that added motivation on court. Long term I’m striving to break into the top 100 ATP and am trying to work towards that every day.