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Kaymani Melane - Tennis Player


  • I started practicing this sport at the age of 3 with my father, whom from a very young age passed on his great passion onto me. The desire to excel and win has grown year after year.
  • From a very young age I have been a very big tennis fan. Beyond this passion, a real goal is revealed: “to be able to live from it later and take pleasure in playing. »
  • The “Meru Tennis Club” in France Haut-de-France allowed me to take my first steps and to evolve for 11 years, they supported me with kindness until last year when I decided to join ‘La French Touch’ to improve my tennis technically. Tennis is part of my daily life, it has become vital for my well-being.


  • I have joined the Tennis Campus “La French Touch Academy” in September 2021 in order to get as close as possible to my ultimate dream, which is to become Professional.
  • At the moment, I am living an incredible adventure with lessons in the morning, tennis and physical training in the afternoon and meetings with other young players as passionate as me.


Why « La French Touch Academy » ?

  • Because it is one of the best tennis structures in France.
  • Professional players come to train there, which reveals the level of coaching, which is excellent.
  • They are among the best in their category.
  • I therefore think that it is the best place for me which will allow me to evolve and achieve my goals in the very short term.


France National Championship :

  • Champion Double of the Hauts-de-France Region U14


Tournament Titles & Achievements :

  • Champion of the Sarcelles Paris Club tournament U15






Aims & Goals

My ranking goal at the end of this year 2022 is to be :

  • French : 3/6
  • UK : 3.2
  • USA : 5.5

My long-term goal is to turn professional and be at least in the top 100.

Later, I would like to live from my passion so that I can be happy in my every day life surrounded by tennis, do the most to achieve a great tennis level and continue the hard work in order to win titles.

Hard worker, I am in the process of a long progression in order to achieve excellence and integrate the top 30 of my age category in France at the end of the year 2022.