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Justin Roberts - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: December 4th 1996
Hand Used: Right
Height 6ft
Racket: Wilson Blade 98 (18x20)
Clothing: Adidas (preferred)
Shoes: Adidas (preferred)
Any Sponsors: no

UTR if applicable: 13/14
Favourite Player: Roger Federer
Career Aspirations: Olympic Gold Medal/ Win a Grand Slam
Favourite Tournament: Roland Garros
Best Surface: Clay
Best Win: Def Jack Draper (Cancun Future)
Goals for the coming year: Get Healthy & Finish Top 500 in ATP rankings
Favourite Quote: "You get what you give"



New Providence


Aims & Goals

Top 500 in ATP rankings

Current Rankings: 
Bahamas (local): #1 Singles & Doubles
ATP: 889 Singles & 1128 Doubles

Click here to view my results as a Junior

Click here to view my results as a Senior


Matthew Dean, Hill Head Men's Tennis Coach, Arizona State University, Matthew.d.hill@asu.edu

I always knew that Justin as an athlete was extremely focused, driven and gifted on and off the court. In a short period of time his athletic and tennis skills quickly arose to being well above the norm. His tennis and athletic skills as a mere freshman helped this team achieve more than most could dream on and off the court. He lead the team to a National Sweet 16 appearance among 265 Division 1 tennis programs and a team GPA of 3.6, the highest GPA of all sports teams in the entire conference! The next year as a sophomore he helped the team reach the National Sweet 16 indoor championships as we and a National ranking of 13 in NCAA Division 1 tennis. Justin\'s high aspirations for his career as a professional tennis player have shown over his 5-year collegiate career. He has competed globally in professional events beating multiple professional players on the circuit, recording multiple wins against players who were ranked top 500 in the world on the men\'s pro circuit. Justin currently is ranked 776 in the ITF World Transition Tour rankings in singles and is 976 in the doubles rankings. His professional world ranking high for the ATP is 1006 and this is with only playing part time. It is impossible to put into words my level of support and trust in this young man. He has always been such an incredible example to my other players of what it means to represent our team and university. We are excited for his next step as a full time professional tennis player

Derron Donaldson, Secretary General, Bahamas Olympic Committee

Justin completed his NCAA eligibility in May 2019 on the Arizona State University ending the year as the 28thranked team in Division 1 college tennis. While in college and consistent with NCAA rules, Justin played ATP and ITF future tennis events and gained professional points. He remains the highest ranked Bahamian in professional tennis for the past 4 years. The Bahamas Olympic Committee has had the privilege of following Justin\'s tennis development from the age of 7 when, because of his passion for the game, he started traveling globally to compete against the best players in the world. These development tournaments and Justin\'s success culminated in his selection to the BOC\'s Youth Olympic Team in 2014. Despite a few injuries along the way, the BOC remains proud of Justin\'s demonstrated commitment to his tennis development achievements and his representations of The Bahamas