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Juan pablo Jaramillo - Tennis Player


On a perfect spring day in Medellin, Colombia, I had my first tennis lesson at El Rodeo country club. After I finished my lesson I knew that tennis would be a love for the rest of my life. In 2009 there was a key moment in my life that shaped me as a tennis player and as a person. 

It was when Juan Martin Del Potro defeated  Roger Federer in the US Open final. That match inspired me to become a successful professional tennis player. Tennis is what I am passionate about. Playing tennis will be the only thing I would do even if I don’t get an economic incentive.  

I like to read, spend time with my family and friends, watch soccer and play chess 





Aims & Goals

My optimal goal is to pursue the #1 position in the rankings and be a Grand Slam champion. With tennis, I have learned how to get up from difficult situations, to be patient, to always give your best as well as value your effort and the people who will be there with you during the process of achieving your goals. 

 Behind every big dream, there is a huge purpose. My purpose is to use all the tennis demands, failures, and challenges to become my best possible self, a more resilient and stronger person. A person of great character with great human compassion that will allow me to make a significant positive impact in the life of others and inspire them to grow and have a meaningful life. It is a purpose of gratitude because I want to give something back to the ones who help me with their heart during my process that still has a long way to go