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Josef Southcombe - Tennis player


I am 21 years old and am a 6ft 10 athlete looking to make it to the the top of the men’s ATP tour. I started playing tennis once every week when I was 4 or 5 but started to train properly from the age of 12. Before I took tennis seriously I used to play a lot of golf and enjoyed going to Art classes in the evening. When I was 12 years old my brother and I told our parents we wanted to try and become the best tennis players we could be. This is when my dad started to coach us. We used to wake up to play 6:30am until 8am before school and straight after school we would practice another 2 hours. We enjoyed playing tournaments all around England until I was 18 where I decided I wanted to give the American College route a go. Unfortunately I suffered a lengthy injury which meant I had to come home but since then I have recovered and am stronger than ever! I am currently ranked 1591 Atp in doubles after only playing 4 tournaments with my brother and am ranked highest 1998 singles ITF after my first 8 futures tournaments. I came close to getting singles points but had some very tough draws. However I am determined and am working harder to achieve a higher ranking in 2022.




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My goal is to be ranked inside the top 750 ATP by then end of 2022 for singles and top 550 ATP in doubles. To do this I need to play all year round to get the points and have to use every defeat as an opportunity to learn and move forward. I am at the beginning of my professional journey and cannot wait for what’s to come!