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Joel Fearon - Joel fearon


Joel Fearon

Personal Bio “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson As a young athlete, my ambition to sprint amongst the greatest athletes in the world became a reality, reaching the pinnacle of my success as one of the fastest hundred-meter sprinters in British history.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt, throughout my journey, is that with a strong and healthy mindset, coupled with a willing heart, anything is possible. With this mindset, I have far exceeded my own expectations, becoming the UK’s fastest 100m sprinter in 2016, with a time of 9.96 seconds, and the only sub-ten-second sprinter in history to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

As a husband and proud father to three beautiful boys, and a beautiful daughter, I have come to realise that the experience I have gained, in achieving these successes, can be channelled into empowering people, of all ages and backgrounds, to understand that they are the creators of their own destiny...




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

To in power as many young people as possible I’ve had a tremendous career far beyond what I thought I could achieve with my life.I want to contact young people all over the world and help them now to achieve their dreams to show them the way in the path To give them the encouragement and the strength that they need. Also to get involved in as many charities as possible and doing my part to give back to the success of others of others. I will not be able to perform at a world class level for my entire life but through others my sporting career will never die.




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