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Jenny Duerst - Tennis Player


I started playing tennis in my home club in Wettswil. My mom has been my coach my whole life. I‘ve also started practicing in an academy when I was 8 years old to increase my hours on court. In 2017 I did a break from school and I went to Florida to practice in a high performance academy in Naples.

These 3 months I learned alot about myself and I could improve my game very quick.  Therefore I realized that I want to fulfill my dream as a professional tennis player after my graduation. Since 2018 we work with a professional team on my tennis career and I am very excited for the next years. Because I am travelling about 25-30 weeks a year, I like to spent my time at home with my family and friends.


8907 Wettswil



Aims & Goals

As a little kid I always dreamed about playing on the biggest stages around the world. I work really hard everyday to improve my ranking in order to be able to compete at the four grand slams and to reach the top 100 on the WTA Ranking list.

Now my dreams as a young kid turned into goals and I am very positive that I can achieve them.