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Jack Gibbens - Tennis Player


Date of birth: 23/06/1997
Hand Used: Right handed (tennis) left handed writing
Height: 195cm (6'4")
Racket: Wilson blade 98
Clothing: Favorite is Nike
Shoes: Nike
Any Sponsors: No

UTR if applicable - 12.34
Favourite Player: Roger Federer
Career Aspirations: Top 250 ATP play Wimbledon
Favourite Tournament: Wimbledon & Monte Carlo
Best Surface: All round
Best Win: Gregoriy lomakin 600atp
Goals for the coming year: Win a 15k ITF
Favourite Quote: Marcus Aurelius - if something is humanly possible, consider it within your reach. (Citius, Altius, fortius)




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My goals for 2022 would be to prepare in a professional environment with a good coach and put together a tournament schedule with the goal of climbing to 500 ATPĀ and make qualifying for Wimbledon which I think is more than achievable with some support.


Playing experience:

I have experience playing the u18s national tournament and winning Surrey men’s singles and doubles championship. I then won a NCAA regional tournament and made the NCAA national finals in America. I have now played at the 15k and 25k ITF circuit level winning matches against guys ranked inside the top 1000.