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Ishaque Eqbal - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 17/01/1998
Hand Used: Right Handed
Height: 172cm
Racket: Head Extreme MP
Clothing: Head
Shoes: Adidas
Any Sponsors: Head and Solinco

UTR - 13.42
Favourite Player: Roger Federer
Career Aspirations: Top ranked ATP player
Favourite Tournament: Wimbledon
Best Surface: Hard court
Best Win: Luca Castelnuovo
Goals for the coming year: Reach Top 500 in ATP Ranking
Favourite Quote: When you do something best in life, you don't really want to give that up - and for me it's tennis - Roger Federer.





Aims & Goals

My goal is to reach the top rankings in ATP to be able to compete in Grandslams and represent India in Davis Cup.


I have been playing Tennis from the age of 5. I have been competing in the National circuit from the past 16 years. I was India No.1 in the U12 and been in the Top 5 of the U14,U16 and U18. I have won several National championships in the juniors and I have also won ITFs in singles and doubles event in the juniors. I have been competing in the Men’s National circuit from the past 5 years and I have reached the Top 10 rankings. I have also competed in ITF Futures and have a best ATP rank of 1580.

  • AITA Men’s Singles Rank – 10 (National Rank)
  • ATP Singles Rank – 1730
  • Highest ATP Rank – 1580
  • ITF Rank – 1248


Tayyab Alam ( Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Ishaque Eqbal is one of best talents in the country. I am sure he will shine at ITF and ATP circuits in the coming years. I have had the opportunity to witness and coach a player like ishaque who possesses extraordinary abilities in tennis. Ishaque has a laser sharp focus and grit when he is on the court. He is amazing at playing points, he can apply his strengths and strategies quickly in the match against any opponent. His movements and skills are impressive. Ishaque is an humble and hardworking guy, who has the potential to make it to the top.

Parents ( Mr. Sajid Eqbal Haque & Mrs. Gufrana Sajid)

Ishaque has always loved tennis from a very young age. He held the tennis racket in his hand for the first time when he was 6 yrs old. Since then the only thing he wanted to do was tennis, the only thing he wanted to achieve was to become the champion of the game. Ishaque has won many titles in the country and made us and his coaches very proud. He is an intrinsically motivated guy who believes in self efficacy, and this has been a great tool which aided him to be what he is today. He had a lot of setbacks in his playing career just like any other professional tennis athlete, but he has always showed the heart of a lion and the spirit of a true champion to bounce back even stronger always. Ishaque is a dedicated guy who always has an eye for the championship to become the best. He is competing at the nationals and the international tournaments, he is giving amazing performances which makes us and his coaches believe that he will reach his goals in coming years.

Mohit Mayur - Tennis coach

I have had the opportunity to work with Ishaque who is one of the top players in the country and a great talent, from the past couple of years. He is a motivated athlete and he drives me and others in his team towards the goals. I have also joined forces with him as a player to play many men\'s doubles championships in the country, and had the chance of observing his dedication, focus and mentality very closely. Ishaque has always showed the character of a true champion by winning and also always by bouncing back from adversities and losses even stronger. I believe his hard work, energy and belief and will take him to the epitome of success, and its my personal opinion as a coach that he has everything, what it takes to be a winner.