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Hammed Yusuf - Bobsleigh Driver


I am Yusuf hammed Kolawole. I am called Fast track. I was born 13th of April 1996.

I am a sprint coach also a Bobsleigh driver for team Nigeria.

I am the founder of Fasttrack__athleticsinc. I am currently the number one Nigerian male Bobsleigh driver and also the first in Africa to compete on Ice.

As a track coach I am saddled with the responsibilities to teach, instruct, guild, improve their sprint mechanisms and instill discipline into young aspiring, middle aged athlete.

I participated in various domestic competitions in track and field within the country.

As a Bobsleigh athlete  I represent Nigerian in the Bobsleigh competition in South Korea in the Korean Cup.

My passion for sport is not measurable because the desire and satisfaction i get in wanting to get better and improve myself is what push me to do more. And the adrenaline I experienced at about the moment of sliding down the ice at about 85-90km/hr gives me the spirit of joy and of cause the joy of victory.

Loyalty is crucial in sporting life. Respect, compassion, resilient, risk taking and action is key.






Aims & Goals

I aim to be the best Bobsleigh driver in Nigeria and in Africa also to be one of the best in the world.

In 2022 Bibsleigh season I am to contest with the best of the best in the world of Bobsleigh.

In 2023 I am to compete in at least 8 race on 4 different track.

In 2023 I am to be at the Bobsleigh BMW championships in Altenberg Germany, Austria etc

I aim to be better at everything I do so I can that compete in the next Winter Olympics games 2026