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Grigory Kuklin - Tennis Player, YouTuber, Influencer


So yes, I really really like playing tennis. It's a truly great sport, a sport that I've been playing from a really young age and became pretty good at. I moved to Spain, which is arguably the capital of the world's tennis to learn from arguably the best at the sport. I've been living and training in Barcelona for more than half of my life, playing in the most famous academies and training with some of the best coaches in the country. All that experience made me somewhat an expert at the sport and everything surrounding it. I've created a youtube channel (Gladiators Tennis)together with a friend of mine, where we talk about everything tennis-related. We cover topics such as best rackets, tournament vlogs, tutorials, and many others.





Aims & Goals

My childhood dream has always been to enter the top 50 ATP ranking.

Apart from wanting to become a professional tennis player, I’ve always wanted to build a tennis academy that is going to be very different from all the other academies currently existing. An academy that will be focused on creating the highest performing tennis players rather than on making money.





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