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Georgiana Ruhrig - Tennis Player


About me:

DOB - 21/07/1995

Hand Used - Right

Height - 175cm

Racket - Yonex e-zone 100

Strings - Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25mm

Favourite Player - Serena Williams

Career AspirationsFinal 8 Grand Slams, Top 20 WTA

Favourite Tournament - Australian Open

Best Surface - Hard Court

Best Win - Valeria Patiuk (rank 52) 1rd Win - 2012 AO

Goals for Year -15 Ranking French National System

Favourite Quote - “Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistencyConsistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson





Aims & Goals

  • My goal is to be number one within the next 18 months and rise up on the WTA/ITF ranking platforms.
  • My goal is to be in the main draw of all four Grand Slams at a senior level and reach the top 20 of the WTA rankings. It would also be an honour to play Fed Cup for my country.
  • On the European tour, I want to play league in France and Germany Division 1, and Switzerland.
  • In order to achieve my goals on the tennis tour, my first goal would be to compete consistently on tour full time, year-round. For this, I would need financial help. It would also be helpful to have some clothing, equipment and supplement sponsors in the future which would ease some of the pressure financially.

Playing experience:

As a junior, I competed in Europe, Asia and Oceania on the ITF tour. Due to financial difficulty, I struggled to travel internationally consistently to be able to rise on the WTA tour. I have also been part of leagues in Australia, France and Germany. In 2019, I was the number one player in my French Team.

Throughout my junior career, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Peter McCraw – a world renowned leader in the coaching world. His experiences range from working with IMG players (Sharapova, Vaidisova and Jankovic) to tennis federations in New Zealand, Australia and Israel. I believe that as a result of his expertise, I was able to rise within six months from no ITF ranking to 116 in the world. It was an important experience in my life.


I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of International Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne. I believe a sporting career doesn’t last for the rest of your life and education opens many doors. It is important as an athlete and as a person to be a well-rounded individual.

  • Australia: 42 (career high ranking)
  • France: – 4/6
  • ITF: 1568


Oana Simion - Current WTA Player

I met Georgiana when I was 16 years old. We were both playing a Juniors Grade 1 tournament in Berlin. I remember we practiced for the first time together and since then I saw her perseverance on court and the fighter spirit. Besides that, she was a very nice person off the court, very respectful and positive! As the years passed by, we met again last year in a prize money tournament. We played against each other in the semi-final and she impressed me with the same fighter spirit and love for tennis. Even if she chose to finish her studies in Australia, she never gave up on tennis. As every player is trying to make a living out of tennis and go up in the rankings, Georgiana tries the same. But without a financial support, it is very hard to compete every week on tour and have a coach with you with who you can make progress. I think Georgiana can achieve her goals if she finds the right ways and a good team around her because she has the qualities for a tennis player.