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Fatima Gonzalez Carriles - Golfer


Born in Madrid. Started playing competitive golf at the age of 6 and competed in my First Spanish National Championship for the first time when I turned 8.

Growing up I played many different sports: from tennis to horseback riding / water sports / and anything related to the snow! Love skiing! (Do not appreciate too much how sore I feel after cross-country skiing but it is still a great outdoor work-out experience!).

I thank all the opportunities to my family. Specially my mom for picking me up from school and reading tons of books while waiting for me to be done with my training. I will always be Thankful for the evenings playing at sunset while she was teaching me the game.


  • (2011 - 2012) Earned a golf scholarship to compete for Western Carolina University, NC (D1 NCAA) my freshman year.
  • (2012 - 2016) Transferred to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration Management and Psychology Minor.
  • (2017 - 2020) Worked for my sister at Sapphire Viajes: luxury travel agency - designing luxury trips all over the world. Specializing in Safari across Africa. Developed the golf department and became a golf tour operator while reviewing over 160 golf courses (from South Africa to Japan, Brasil, Sweden... all over!).
  • (2020 - 2021): Got back into serious training after Covid-19. Caddied for my friends on the Ladies European Tour (LET) (Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden...) Started collaboration with different brands that helped me along the way with products and support for tournaments. (Forever thankful to: Not Only Golf Brand - golf gloves I Bandía socks  I  Farol Golf & Galvin Green  I  Kankura golf shoes  I  Moonvalley energy bars  I  Holiday Golf for golf balls  I  TotGolf - Great clubs customize  I  Sport Reset & Duerme Más - Amazing mattress and bed. and Callaway through a nice discount for driver and free visors.
  • (2021): Turned PRO! Played LET Q-School and earned status for LET Access Tour Series. Competed all year round on the Santander Golf Tour around Spain.
  • (2022): Full schedule as professional golfer all around Europe.





Aims & Goals

To be happy. To enjoy the process. To have no regrets.

Earning the day, day by day, in order to qualify to Ladies European Tour 2023: Which means: TOP 5 on the LET Access Series Ranking 2022.

To win tournaments in the Ladies European Tour.

Thank you for your support!




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