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Esah Hayat - Tennis Player


My tennis journey started out with watching my older brother play, while having no real interest in the sport myself, until one day when I decided to join in at the end of a session. The coach said that he saw potential in me, and suggested that I join my brother's sessions more often. I took his advice, and my tennis lessons went from 15 minutes, to half an hour, to full hour individual lessons. 9 years on, I play tennis almost every day, and still plan to continue over the coming years.

I found out about deaf tennis a few years later through an email. It was advertising the National Deaf Tennis Champs for that year. I decided to enter it, and ended up walking away with the Boys singles trophy, and an invitation to come and play on the national squad. I then went on to win the Boys World Deaf Tennis Championships, and medal in multiple other singles/doubles events too.

As I went through school, I continued competing and studying regularly. I also took up the role of sports leader in my school, helping younger students take up/compete in sports alongside their school lives. I then went on to complete my A-levels in a more local sixth form, to create more time for tennis, and am now studying Natural Sciences at university, while playing on the team.





United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My aims in university tennis are to do well in the university BUCS leagues, as well as focus on winning our varsity match at the end of the year. I also want to continue our success against international universities, and over the coming years, lead the Blues team as captain. I’ll also be representing Oxbridge this summer against the Harvard-Yale team, and am training to come out on top in that fixture.

I also want to continue playing amongst Middlesex county, and be a part of the success of the county, by competing in more higher standard competitions. I also hope to keep winning medals in the deaf tennis scene, and continue to be an ambassador and role model in disability tennis.





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