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Ema Burgic Bucko - Tennis Coach


Hobbies: reading, working out, being with my kids ( I am a mom of 2 boys), socializing, healthy lifestyle and nutrition.




United States

Aims & Goals

I love what I do and I am passionate about teaching this beautiful sport to anyone who wants to learn it. I don’t care if the student is a 5 year old kid or a 70 year old adult, I don’t care if it’s a beginner who never gripped a racket before or an ATP/WTA pro player, I will teach them with the same passion.

I want to become the best female coach in the world. I want to grow my following on social media and also in person. I want to inspire other people to be the best they can be on and off the court.


Victoria Xie

Ema has been coaching me for almost the past 4 years. She is hands down the best coach out there. Not only is she dedicated, driven, hardworking, but you can see she really cares and loves what she does. I have worked with a lot of coaches in the past who knew the game of tennis, but no effort was given. I could not find a good fit until finally Ema was recommended from several friends. I instantly clicked with her and knew she would be the perfect coach for me. Ema is extremely engaged with every lesson, and will push you to be your best. She has the most creative methods of teaching, and will not give up, as long as you also put in the effort as well. She was also an extremely strong tennis player herself, and knows what the definition of discipline is. She can give some insight on what her journey with tennis was like, to young aspiring players. I cannot recommend Coach Ema enough!!!

Todd Thurston

I have been taking lessons with Ema since the summer of 2020. When I first started I had minimal experience, and she started from the ground up with me. She is organized and quickly can assess what a new student needs and then sets out with clarity a pathway to improve. She is patient and yet demanding to bring out the best in her students. Now almost 1.5 years later, she has transformed my game, and I continue to improve each time thanks to her. She is the best coach in Wellington by far and is one of the best coaches you’ll find in South Florida.

Nancy Kostik

My daughter is a nationally ranked tennis player who\'s been training with coach Ema for the past 4 months. We found her online as we were new in the area and in desperate need of a coach. We couldn\'t be more excited about the improvements our child has made in such short period of time. Coach Ema is driven, goal oriented and very professional. She\'s hands down the best coach in the Wellington area. No matter what\'s your level, she\'ll help achieve your goals. We highly recommend her. Thank you Ema for all your hard work and dedication.

Lakshmi Ganesh

Ema Burgic-Bucko, remember that name. I have been with Ema for more than five years now. She has been giving my kids the best lessons. Ema is an absolute pleasure to work with since the beginning until now. She’s a positive person, and gives great feedback in an encouraging way. What makes her different from the rest? Ema has the ability and talent to observe and perceive the mistakes you are making that most would miss entirely. She then pin-points those mistakes out with a personalized solution. Ema has this incredible ability to replay each ball/strokes in slow motion in her head and then able to precisely explain the proper technique specifically for you with illustrations and the reasoning behind her explanation. This way you can not only try to replicate the techniques, but also remember the techniques. You will immediately discover how much experience and knowledge she has on the World of Tennis. She’ll take the extra time to talk you through things and continue to work on specific problem areas at the end of the lesson. She is able to work with all age levels and will definitely improve your game no matter what experience you bring to the court. Ema has the focus, knowledge and skills to motivate you to the next level. Do NOT just take lessons from someone that teaches at the local club and doesn’t have experience. Ema has played the tournaments and knows how the game has changed over the years. She is such a “high level player” herself, she can demonstrate the techniques and she makes it look so easy. She practices what she teaches. Not many coaches out there can say or do this. For an example, when Ema did a fun, friendly game against another coach, I saw everything she was teaching to my kids and more. I think I might have seen flames coming off the back of the tennis ball! A phenomenal tennis coach, a high level athlete and to top it off, such a wonderful person. Look no further, you’ve found your tennis coach. Believe me, I have the confidence to say you will be very exultant and happy you chose Ema for your tennis instruction and training. Ema Burgic-Bucko, remember that name!

Katie Gurvitch

My daughters have been playing with Coach Ema for over a year. She is an amazing role model and teaches them good technique while making the lessons fun and exciting. She teaches the girls about respect and gets to know them on a personal level. We are so lucky to work with Coach Ema!\"

Daniela Porges

Emma is an amazing coach all around. It is hard to find someone as knowledgeable and as dedicated as her. She is a genuine coach and person which is very hard to find. From my experience, she is an exceptional coach and anyone would be lucky towork with her.