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Dusadee Bualert - Athletic Performance S and C Coach


My life has always revolved around sports since my school year. I was blessed growing up in a boarding school which exposed me to multi-sports discipline at an early age. I played rugby, basketball, track & field, and racquet sports (tennis, badminton, and table tennis), all at the varsity level. The highlight of my school year was I got selected to serve my country as a Thai youth national tennis player.

The trend continued through my university year. I was selected as a varsity tennis and badminton players and competed in university game. Towards my graduation month, I was qualified for a Class-C Golf teaching instructor but I didn't pursue the career for long because the income was insufficient and I was on my way to a graduate school of counseling psychology.

In 2008, my friend invited me to a pistol shooting workshop which was the first time I was exposed to the IPSC shooting discipline and its competitions. I climbed my rank and finally received the Top Gun trophy in 2010. With that I was selected to an IPSC national team and competed abroad. I got 4th place overall in the Philippines in 2011, and received an award of International Champion in 2012 in Hong Kong.

From 2013 till early 2017, I was involved in martial arts, self-defense, and martial sports in general. I got a chance to meet a Petiki Tirsia Kali Grandmaster and decided to join the rank. I was promoted to a rank of Mataas Na Guro (master instructor) in 2015. I received my Level 1 Mittmaster (Boxing Pad-Holder) Certification in early 2017 and finally qualified for a Master Coach title in Fitness Boxing a year later. During those times, I was working as a Fundamental Boxing coach teaching newbies how to box properly, teaching coaches how to do pad-work effectively, and help teaching both amateur and professional fighters the proper movement mechanic whenever my head coach was not available. During that time, I found out that something was missing in my coaching. I could teach anyone a proper technique but I could never make them better, faster, and stronger the way I hope them to be. I realized that the missing link was the knowledge about anatomy, how human body works, how it adapts, how the energy system operates, and how to improve them all. This was when my life took a turn for yet another time.

Later 2017, I decided to take a Certified Personal Trainer course from American Council of Exercise (ACE). It was my first exposure to everything sports science. I would like to believe that I was diligent and good enough because I was handpicked to be a real-time translator for the Asia Fitness Conference, one of the major fitness conference event in Asia, the position I still hold every year since. I got a chance to work side-by-side with so many renowned sports scientists, coaches, sports physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, and more. It was an opportunity of a life-time, the one that I would cherish for the rest of my life because of everything else that came after.

I enrolled in EXOS Performance Mentorship Level 1 (P1) program in 2018 and was certified as EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS) in that year. I pursued the EXOS Performance Mentorship Level 2 (P2) program in 2019. I also got certified as a Performance Coach from SKLZ in 2019. 2020 was supposed to be a year for EXOS Performance Mentorship Level 3 (P3) for me but the plan was interrupted by Covid pandemic so I decided to enrolled for the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from Fit Thailand and graduated top 3 in my class.

My plan is to collect more field experience to take on the NSCA-CSCS exam and pass with flying color in the near future. I am fortunate enough to have a chance to apply everything I know on local professional athletes, knowing that it would benefit them as they become stronger and faster, and it would benefit me as my experience grow.





Aims & Goals

I have 2 goals in my mind at the moment.

My primary goal is to share my knowledge for as far and wide as possible to improve and change a mindset of how we approach athletic training in my country. The mindset of Thai coaches is still somewhat old-schooled. They believe practice makes perfect, 10,000 reps will achieve that, and fitness comes later, all of which is far from the truth. Sports Science progress every year. Through researches, they develop a more efficient way to train, generate more understanding of how our body respond to stimuli, and what regiment should be used for what types of strength require for each sport. If we want to put our national athletes on an international spotlight, we need to change the way we think and how we approach athletic training. Otherwise we would fall behind.

My secondary goal is to promote performance training to the public so people in general can understand the what, why, and how. Fitness is not about ripped physique, 5% body fat, and all that. That’s bodybuilding. Extreme, rigid perception of looks, and uptight regiment is what gets people frustrated with the fitness industry in the first place and most times that’s not even what people are looking for. Fitness is about fulfilling life. It’s about being able to achieve all the lists in one’s bucket list with strong mind and body. It’s about having a strong and unyielding mind to go through everyday stress and a strong body that can do whatever one’s desire, be it leisurely and/or professionally. That’s what fitness is all about. The look will fade someday but enjoying life to the fullest will last forever. That’s how fitness should be and it is my goal to share this to the people who decided to take their time to follow me.


Mr. M / Camp Director / Singha Pattana Camp

It has been my pleasure to have Foon with us as a S&C coach. Singha Pattana camp is one of the finest golf camp for professional golfers in Thailand and we strive to be the best camp out there who can improve golfers\\\\\\\' performance. Ever since Foon join our ranks, our athletes have grown to be leaders in the industry, become role models for younger generations to look up to, and be responsible professional athletes who strive to be the best that they can be.

Mr. P / Professional Golf Coach / One Degree Center

Foon is an eccentric guy who has both depth and width of knowledge in S&C and Athletic Performance. He knows how to bring out the best in an athlete, knows how to communicate with them through their language so athletes can understand and grasp the concept of what must be done to improve themselves easily, and very passionate about his work. Everything about him is all about improving athletic performance as well as improving the quality of lives around him. I couldn\\\\\\\'t be happier to have him as one of my go-to partner when it comes to golfer\\\\\\\'s performance.

Mr. P & Ms. D / Cafe Owner / Kaffa Coco

We\\\'ve never been an active people and never know we should be. We love to travel the world and we can do all that just fine, until it\\\\\\\'s not fine anymore because of some aching and discomfort at some of our body parts. Coach Foon showed us how Fitness can change our lives and I\\\\\\\'m happy to report that we were just finished our first half-marathon together and now we\\\\\\\'re onto our first bike competition together soon. Thank you for showing us a new way to enjoy our lives together.

Mr. V / Father & Ex IPSC National Team / CP Corporation

I\\\'ve known Foon for the longest time and I know that Foon has a lot of potential, much more than what the IPSC community has giving him credit for, which is why when I have a chance I didn\\\\\\\'t hesitate to send my 2 boys to train with him. Through Foon\\\\\\\'s dedication to training my boys, I see lots of improvement and I couldn\\\\\\\'t be more proud of my decision. One of my boys is now climbing up 2 classes from A class to Grandmaster class within 2 months of training with Foon, and both of them are on their way to represent Thailand for the upcoming World Shoot 2022. I couldn\\\\\\\'t be happier.

Mr. W / IPSC Shooter

Coach Foon is one of the toughest coach out there when it comes to Strength & Conditioning. I\\\\\\\'ve had a number of trainers before him but soon as I trained with him, I know that everything is about to change. He showed me how the S&C world looks like. He coaches me both S&C and technical side and show me both the strengths & weaknesses in my movement. He gives me tips and tricks on how to exploit my strength, how to compensate for my weakness, while firmly address both issues in the gym. At first I couldn\\\\\\\'t even keep up with his warm-up routine, but soon as my body adapts to his training, my shooting form has never been better. Jumping from C class to M class in 4 months of training with him is a testament to what works for me and I\\\\\\\'m grateful to coach\\\\\\\'s dedication.

Ms. C / Professional Golfer

Coach Foon....what can I say. His training is hard but he never push me beyond what I could do. He took his time with me and slowly push me beyond what I thought I could. My game and my confidence has improved to the point where I want to try and qualify for the LPGA Tour. I couldn\\\\\\\'t have done it without him.