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Dmytro Kovkin - Tennis Player


First time I picked up a racket was 12 years ago in Yalta, Crimea, when I was 7 years old and my first coach was Evgeniy Solovyan. From 9 years I started showing good results at Junior tournaments. Before I got 15 I'd already won a lot of tournaments in different categories in Ukraine and Russia. I'd won Crimean Open Cup 7 times (doubles, singles and mixed) also during that time before 17 I'd won many national tournaments in different ages in these countries.

Then I went to Europe where had been training at different clubs and academies. And 2 years ago, after 3 months I am playing Futures 15-25k - ITF decided to stop the tournaments all around the world because of Covid19 and I had to come back to Odessa together with my family. After a long period of time of necessary self-isolation I was finally able to keep training and soon I moved to Barcelona. Now I am keeping playing tournaments and soon you'll be able to see me at the top!

After that work, time and health I have and currently am paying for my dream I know - one day I will definitely reach my goals!!!



Sant Feliu


Aims & Goals


win a grand slam

become a number one


Rafa Nadal Academia

One of the best places all around the world to improve my tennis skills, beginning from mental side! My experience built by greatest program there. I\\\'ve been there many times and for me - every single time I come there is special!

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

I\\\'ve been there like a year ago and for not so long period of time, however I have met with many high ranked players there what delivered good changes into me game.

Sanchez-Casal Academia

Aaron Lara - \\\"Dmytro is a very aggressive player. Every single time he goes on court - he does it to leave whole himself there and try his best!\\\"