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Divyansh Prahladka - Tennis


Well I started playing at the age of 11 years in Godspeed Tennis Academy adjoining my residential complex inside Space Circle Club, Kolkata, West Bengal. Initially, nothing was certain till lightning striked and all of a sudden i just felt like pursuing it with all I got. I usually like music but that's like not even worth mentioning who doesn't? Our city is quiet warm the year round so swimming goes without saying, football with friends and most importantly lazing around..





Aims & Goals

Asking for anything below Grand Slam is not even worth desiring. Once I make it there will revel the next goal.. Short Term just need to break into the circuit.. Figuring out how too along with my coach..


Godspeed Tennis Academy

DIvyansh is a hard working and dedicated player. With a little more experience he will surely do very well and achieve what he wants too! Best of luck..


He has a huge forehand.. Make use of it to bang down all adversities..!


Lage raho DP bhai.. Manzil to jhak maar ke bhi milegi!