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Cameron Lawrence - Tennis player


My love & passion for tennis started at a tennis club called Drummond lawn tennis club. I have never played tennis as a child. The first ball I struck I just immediately fell in love with the sport & I played every day. The more I played, the better I was getting & I then started competing. I have an extremely competitive fighter the first time I stepped onto the court. I have had wins & losses but my mental strength is strong. I always want to win but I know how to lose & learn & get better.

I then moved to a tennis club called Chingford school of tennis & found a coach called Matt Mcdowell. He had incredible talent & has played against jack draper. I believe he competes at international level & could play on the ATP tour. He’s only 20. He’s also a semi professional football player. He’s an amazing athlete & a nice guy. Unfortunately, we clashed too often as he had a very aggressive side to him that I don’t want when I’m looking for a professional coach so we parted ways.

I haven’t been on the court for 5/6 months due to financial struggles however, I’ve been keeping fit , watching plenty of pro matches, visualisation, working on my mental strength for when I make my return back on court hopefully sometime this month. Being out for 5/6 months has been incredibly difficult as tennis is my life & it’s felt like I haven’t existed for that amount of time but I’m hungrier than ever. I am looking for a professional coach who will believe in me as much as I believe in myself & will help me achieve my goals I’ve set.




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My goal is to go professional but with my last coach, our first goal was to get me to ITF until we parted & financial struggles hit.