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Bruno Nhavene - Tennis player


My name is Bruno Nhavene and I am a top Mozambican tennis player.

I started tennis with the age of 8 and when I was 10, I participated in my first international tournament in Namibia.

With 12 years old I started winning almost all the tournaments, and got invitation to participate in big tournaments and in camps in North Africa, where I was offered a scholarship to be part of an elite African International Tennis Federation (ITF) team.

I have been now at the ITF center for five years and from 2015 until now it has been years of fighting, hard work, tough times, and also great times.

Being one of the less fortunate players at the Center I would only play 10 tournaments a year due to my financial situation and made it to 160 in the world (ITF) and in the past year I made it to the finals of future in doubles (Professional tournament), which could be better if I could play in more tournaments.





Aims & Goals

My goal is to be the best I can be and I’m sure I can make it far. Coming from where I come from it was very tough to achieve all goals I had but I still managed to do it. I prefer short term goals because they’re more realistic. By the endo of next year I want to be top 500 ATP. Which is very possible if I have a sponsorship to play the right tournaments.