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Brittany Collens - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 04/05/1995 (April 5th)
Hand Used: Right
Height: 5'5
Racket: Yonex Ezone 100
Clothing: Bidi badu
Shoes: Nike
Any Sponsors: Bidi Badu, Thorne Supplements
Favourite Player: Simona Halep
Career Aspirations: Grandslams
Favourite Tournament: US Open
Best Surface: Hard/Clay
Best Win: Top 700 player
Goals for the coming year: Top 600
Favourite Quote: Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Some of my interests outside of tennis include writing/blogging as well as traveling, drinking different kinds of coffee, and trying new food! I am also a big advocate for safety and health In college sports and am working with U.S. politicians to improve the college sports environment.




United States

Aims & Goals

Right now my short-term goals include breaking the top 1000 in the next 2-3 months and the top 600 in the next 6. I need to get back into a lot of match play after being out of the professional circuit for a year and a half due to injury and covid. Unfortunately after suffering two back tears and a wrist fracture I have been prevented from playing a full schedule. Starting in August I will be playing a full schedule with tournaments nearly every week with some training blocks in between. This is how I will achieve my top 600 ranking. After just playing in my first WTA and practicing with the girls who are currently at the US Open the long term goal is to get to the grand slams as quickly as possible.
Career-high Rankings:
  • WTA Singles 1145
  • ITF Singles 740
  • WTA Doubles 1137
  • ITF Doubles 347


Niccolò Vercellino - Former coach of Francesca Schoavone current coach of Brittany Collens

I have started to work with Brittany one year ago and I have believed immediately in her potential to become a top 500 WTA player. The Thoreau Club is supporting Brittany with one private coach and one physical trainer everyday. She had the chance to play the Thoreau Open WTA 125K and she played a fantastic match with a top 200 Wta player (Samantha Murray) with many chances to win the match. I made with Brittany her tournament schedule and she is going to compete for the next few months at ITF 15k and 25k with the goal to see her getting to the top 750 Wta in the next 6 months. She has the potential to belong to high level tennis and I am sure that supporting her, she will get to the goals. Other than being one of the best female tennis player in New England, Brittany is also one of the hardest worker I have ever seen on the tennis court and it\'s a pleasure for me to be her coach.