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HQ - Tennis


You work in a team of highly motivated tennis coaches, which we prepare perfectly for the job as an independent tennis coach. Then we offer you to work in an attractive tennis club as an independent HQ Trainer. You will be supported by our HQ Tennis Back-Office, which supports you with multitude tasks, such as bills, equipment, campaigns and all things needed to manage your own HQ Tennis-Club.

 What we offer:

 •            Certification through our Academy Program

•             Well paid and healthy job in our trainer team

•             Additional opportunities for passive income

•             Freedom from administrative responsabilities

 Our advantages:

 •             Full support 24/7 to manage your Tennis Club

•             Access to workshops, conferences & publications

•             Connection to Global Network of Trainers

•             Newest training materials by our partner HEAD®

 And much more:

•             Organized tennis and ski trips

•             Personal assistance from HQ Back-Office

•             Free time for personal recovery





Aims & Goals

The HQ Tennis Team consists of strong tennis coaches from all over the world, so we want to say that we are grateful for your interest in joining our team of tennis professionals.

We are looking for qualified and highly motivated tennis coaches
We offer an attractive and well-paid job in a German Tennis Club.
We offer support in all areas of club management & operations.
We offer additional possibility to generate passive income with:

✓ Commissions through sales in the sports shop

✓ Operating the stringing service

✓ Organization of camps at home and abroad

✓ Opportunity to develop the business into a regional base

✓ Support in acquisition – enhancing recruitment

You need to have excellent tennis skills.
You need to have European Work or Residence Permit.
You need to have basic knowledge of German communication (A1) or, be motivated to learn & improve fast.
You must like to work in a team and strengthen the HQ Tennis Brand, during a long term business relationship.

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please send us your CV to recruitment@hq-tennis.de or contact us through our 24/7 Backoffice – WhatsApp +49 176 32131362

Together, we help You turn Your Passion, into Your Profession!




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