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Alex Hunt - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth: 16/12/1993
Hand Used: Right
Height: 6'3
Racket: Wilson Ultra Tour
Clothing: Luxilon
Shoes: Wilson
Any Sponsors: Wilson Ambassadorship
Favourite Player: Federer
Career Aspirations: Player/Coach/Motivational Speaker & Mentor
Favourite Tournament: TATP Tour (Bangkok)
Best Surface: Hardcourt
Best Win: Guam 2017 (ATP Point)
Goals for the coming year: Get my body set to hopefully get back on tour and compete. 2022: Put everything I've learnt during Covid into matches, gain another world ranking, move up the rankings and improve my game.
Favourite Quote: "Impossible is Nothing" "Anything is possible"




New Zealand

Aims & Goals

I want to get to the top 300 in the world, play Davis Cup for NZ and put standing disability tennis on the map (http://www.tapworldtour.com/)

I also would like to make a push to help promote that any player with a disability can be included and play tennis at the highest level. I’d like to be an ambassador for the sport and look to getting this included in the Paralympics alongside wheelchair tennis.

Since Covid I have done a lot of work on my Mentality, and also physically in the gym. I feel excited to get back on tour and begin my quest again. I have personal goals to become a top ATP Player, but also to inspire kids, players, and most importantly to me, other kids/people who have disabilities. I want them to see that their disability or whatever may be holding them back doesn’t have to.




John Gardiner, Professional Tennis Coach (john@inspiretennis.co.nz)

I have had the great pleasure and fortune of knowing and working with Alex for the last 14 years as his tennis coach, and in another of other capacities as a manager of sorts, mentor and friend. Alex is the kind of person you may come across once in a lifetime. A truly unique individual who has maximized his talents and abilities in life to the fullest. His “disability” has never been at the forefront of any of my dealings with him, he has always taken the attitude of “heres what I have got and here\'s how i\'m going to use it!”:. In fact in my own mind beyond the first hour I spent with him, Alex only having one arm was never near the forefront of my mind or his. As well as his obvious proven abilities as a tennis player I am so proud that in recent years he has used his unique gift to inspire other players of varying situations and has recently become an excellent coach and mentor to some of New Zealand\'s best junior talent. I have always said to Alex that he has 2 gifts, and he is now showing his ability to embrace his situation, and with limited opportunities to play in the last 2 years has developed as a role model to others through mentoring, coaching and public speaking. I am and will always be proud of my association with Alex, and look forward to helping and seeing him develop his on and off court talents in the coming years. Please let me know if you have any questions or require more specific information.