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Agustin Cuéllar - Tennis Player


About me:

Date of birth
Hand Used: Left handed
Height: 175cm
Racket: Head, Radical Pro 315 grams
Clothing: Nike
Shoes: Nike (size 9.5)
Any Sponsors: Head International
Favourite Player: Rafael Nadal

UTR: 12
Career Aspirations: Be a Professional Player Pro

Favourite Tournament: Roland Garros
Best Surface: Clay
Best Win: Win a 100 ITF and a 13 UTR player Gómez
Goals for the coming year: Play Futures and Challenger


Santa Cruz De La Sierra



Aims & Goals

Be number one worldwide.


  • South Americans aged 12,14 & 16, world 16 years old, ITF champion 18 years’ old.

Education & Rankings:

  • College CIFA, 6th. from Secondary, this year I am leaving high school.
  • 18-year-old National Champion
  • Absolute National Ranking No. 06
  • ITF 150 Ranking


Carlos E. Cordova, tennis coach at the Santa Cruz Tennis Club. (ccordova87@gmail.com)

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Agustin Cuellar Lorberg to apply for the sponsorship program that you are offering to tennis players from around the world. I am sure that your willingness to support athletes to reach their goals and dreams is very much appreciated. I have known Agustin since he was 5 years old. We are members of one of the best tennis clubs in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I can assure that he is an excellent human being and a very well disciplined tennis player. His passion for the game helped him discover that he would like to become a professional tennis player since he was a kid. During the years that I have known Agustin, he has shown a positive attitude during his practice sessions and tournaments. He is always looking forward to improving different areas of his tennis game. Obtaining sponsorship for Agustin will help Agustin to try to reach his goals as a tennis player. He and his family will be very appreciated. Please, feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.

Julio Velarde

I have had the opportunity to work with Agustín in an advanced stage of training, specifically reinforcing the tactical and problem-solving part of the competition. Agustín always showed a spirit of competition and a desire to excel in training and in tournament matches, I have witnessed his development and improvements in his tennis level and physical conditions, showing that he can achieve great feats in sport. This is also demonstrated in their satisfactory sporting results both nationally and internationally. Although, like every athlete, he still has aspects to improve, his desire to improve and love for tennis will allow him to gradually meet his goals and further improve his sporting results.

Belinda Marin

I have been part of the formative and development stage in the tennis field specifically, of Agustín Cuéllar Lorberg. Likewise, I am a witness to his achievements from the beginning to the present. Agustín comes from a family with a great tennis tradition in Bolivia; who instilled in him a passion for this sport. Hence, he always showed commitment, good attitude, interest, fighting spirit, both in training and in competitions. His excellent technical, tactical, physical and mental conditions have allowed him to become champion in the different National Tournaments; in addition to having had outstanding performances in international tournaments. Those of us who know Agustín know that his talent was determined, good predisposition and human qualities; they will facilitate his journey towards the goals and objectives that he has set.