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Adeola Greatorex - Tennis player


So how did it all start?
Well I have to take credit to my Mom who got me into this amazing sport. She was fascinated with tennis and at the age of 3 she took me to our local tennis club. With my natural hand-eye coordination I was definitely capable!
From the age of 6 I started competing. I would get really excited when my mom said I had a competition that day!
My love for tennis started to grow and from the age of 10 I was clearly obsessed with the sport. One of my favourite things to do before and after school was go outside into our garden and hit the ball against the wall. I could've stayed there all day doing it!

Then at the age of 12 it started to take off and began taking it a lot more seriously. I started winning regional tournaments and this enabled me to be playing the national tournaments and the grade 1s. From then on I started to take lessons weekly and I started to compete a lot more around the country which got me far up the rankings to top 20. I got to the Semis of the grade 1 U16s and I won the Grade 2 East-Gloucestershire U18 last year!
I then started competing on the ITF Junior Circuit where I got to the final of J5 Edinburgh, quarterfinal of J4 Loughbourgh, winning the doubles at J5 Wrexam, semi-final of doubles J5 Edinburgh.






West Midlands

United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My aim and goal is be a professional tennis player. I want to fullfill my potential and I aim to get my Womens ITF ranking and WTA ranking this year! I want to be number 1 in the world. I will keep working extremely hard to get to my goal of becoming a professional tennis player and will continue to compete on the women circuit. I want to get my ranking then keep competing to move up the rankings to then get to top 100 Womens so I then have a greater chance to be playing slams and any of the higher prestigious tournaments!

I want to bring out the best version of myself! I hope I can be aspiring to other young tennis players and become a role model to them.