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Adam Hedges - Golf player


I grew up in Bromley, South East London. I started playing at 10 years old and quickly became obsessed with the game (as most do, once they start). I began at a 9 hole course called Shortlands GC, then migrating to Sundridge Park at 14 years old, a fabulous 36 hole facility. My hunger for the game and competition grew even more, and I then had the goal of attaining a golf scholarship for University in the USA. This was realised in 2009 when I started my journey at Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was tough to begin with, as the NCAA removed my playing rights for the first year. I then appealed this later on, and was awarded it back to compete at the end of my University career, which was a blessing in disguise. My last 2 years of competition went fantastic and reaching the No.1 ranked player in the country NCAA Div II, as well as becoming a 2 time All American.

I turned Pro in 2013, winning my first event as a Pro, it couldn't have started any better. Then the journey and struggle really began.
Playing consistently in most events but not being able to move forward in the Qualifying schools to reach the higher tours. As time went on, financial support became harder. Until the birth of Cirqula and Talent Pros International. Now I am on my way again to realising my playing goals!

- Obsessed with being better
- Enjoy good food
- Movies
- My family


When I am not golfing, I love to play tennis, experience Go Karting and enjoy Travelling!




United Kingdom

Aims & Goals

My aim is to compete on the highest stages in professional golf. I have had this goal since being a teen. It’s all about turning those dreams into reality. With the help of Cirqula, this is giving me another opportunity to pursue this great goal! Playing on the PGA tour with the ultimate aim, and I will be doing my best to make that happen.