We are delighted to introduce Talent Pros International

We are a Global Recruitment Company specialising in helping talent in sport, esport & entertainment access sponsorship and support.

We focus on recruiting up and coming talent, who have a passion, desire and motivation to achieve their ambitions, goals and dreams but missing just one important ingredient… funding.

TPI is developing new and innovative opportunities and through our comprehensive support package we present and give our talent the best possible opportunity of getting the funding & opportunities they need to allow them to focus on the career and performance.

Talent Pros International (TPI) is the Official Recruitment Partner for CirQula. CirQula offer the first to market social performance sponsorship package and currently recruiting across 30 categories in sport, esport & entertainment.

Founder and CEO of CirQula Craig Rutherford said this about today’s announcement:-

This is an exciting partnership & opportunity for TPP & Talent to access this new & innovative sponsorship package. We create a sustainable pathway for talent to secure and grow their social footprint and transition following into loyal super fans. Our aggregated approach is both a game changer & disruptive and offers a new generation of talent, brands & fans an experience where everyone is incentivised and benefits from enhanced performance”.

We are recruiting talent and offering sponsorship from £6k – £60k per annum based on social following, future potential, personality & ambitions.

The recruitment drive has already started with over 200 recruited while we aim to complete our target of 3000 talent in Phase One, which will enable brands to access over 100m followers.

If you have a talent, whether you are a professional athlete and need to access funding, or if you are in the world of esports or entertainment, please sign up for your Talent Performance Profile here, or contact talent@cirqula.io for an indicative offer and chance to access this exciting sponsorship opportunity.

Exciting times to come for talented individuals seeking additional funding!!


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